F&I Trainer

After achieving Double-Platinum status last year, IPS Agency returns to claim it’s first-ever Diamond Award in this category. “Like the other Dealers’ Choice Awards we’ve won at IPS agency, we feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with a dealer base that is so satisfied with our performance,” said Shari Vance, president of IPS Agency. “As wonderful as it is to be nationally recognized as the best F&I trainers in the business, the real feeling of accomplishment comes from our satisfied dealer clientele.”

Finishing only a tenth of a point behind IPS was first-time category winner Reahard & Associates. The well-respected industry trainer is the recipient of this year’s Platinum Award.

Perennial favorite United Development Systems retained a spot in the top three with the Gold Award. Also scoring above-average was JM&A.

Company Award Score
IPS Agency Diamond 114
Reahard & Associates Platinum 113.9
United Development Systems  Gold 113.3
JM&A 106.3
Group Average 105.4

Vol. 9, Issue 4