Prime Credit Finance – Captive

After a brief absence from the Awards in 2011, BMW Financial Services returned to win the Diamond Award, an award the company also claimed in the 2009 and 2010 Dealers’ Choice Awards.

The Platinum Award went to first-time winner Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, while the Gold Award went to yet another first-time winner in the category, Volkswagen Credit.

Honda Financial Services, which previously held a spot in the top three for five consecutive years, was nudged into fourth place but still scored well above average, followed by Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation in fifth place and Ford Motor Credit in sixth. In what is perhaps a reflection of a year rife with setbacks for the manufacturer, Toyota Motor Credit fell to seventh place, after spending seven straight years as an award-winner. TD Auto Finance (formerly Chrysler Financial) also turned in an above-average finish and ranked eighth in the group.

Company Award Score
BMW Financial Services Diamond 113
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Platinum 111.4
Volkswagen Credit Gold 108.2
Honda Financial Services 107.8
Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation 104.4
Ford Motor Credit 103.8
Toyota Motor Credit 103.8
TD Auto Finance (formerly Chrysler Financial) 102.6
Group Average 102.3

Vol. 9, Issue 4