Prime Credit Finance – Non-Captive

This year’s Diamond Award went to SunTrust. This marks the first-ever Diamond Award win for the company, which previously won Platinum in 2009. “SunTrust is proud to be recognized with Auto Dealer Monthly’s top award in their Prime Credit Finance – Non-Captive category. Providing exceptional and timely service to clients is what sets SunTrust apart, and we believe that’s the reason auto dealers rated us so highly. We want to thank all these dealers for the opportunity to serve them – and their customers – and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future,” said Jeff Hooper, SunTrust Executive Vice President for Consumer Lending.
Also returning to the top three for the first time in several years is the Platinum Award winner, Bank of America. The company was 2007’s Diamond Award winner in the category.

Chase Bank, which has made a total of five award-winning appearances in this category since the DCA’s inception, moved up from last year’s fourth-place finish to win the Gold Award. Local credit unions are more popular than ever, coming in fourth this year, the highest they’ve ever ranked. Wells Fargo Auto Finance and Capital One Auto Finance finished in fifth and sixth places, respectively.

Company Award Score
SunTrust Diamond 114.2
Bank of America Platinum 107.6
Chase Bank   Gold 107.1
Local credit unions 107
Wells Fargo Auto Finance 106
Capital One Auto Finance 105.8
Group Average 105.2

Vol. 9, Issue 4