CHARLOTTE, NC – Toss the grease pens, markers, die-cut decals and paper hang tags you use to mark pre-owned vehicle inventory. There’s a new idea in town – the first-ever app for creating highly customized, automated windshield marketing -- from AULtec, Inc., the technology innovator providing CRM, inventory management and custom web sites for dealers throughout the U.S..

Called “Hang Tags+”, this next-generation windshield-marketing tool helps car dealers add potent zip and sizzle to vehicle remarketing. These tags are QR-scannable and SMS Short code-accessible.   Dealers can print them in-house from any existing printer or use AULtec’s graphic arts services for larger sizes and formats.

Hang Tags+ creates a more positive first impression of every vehicle on the dealership lot. They attract more eyeballs and are significantly easier to create and apply than old-technology windshield promotion stickers and markings.

Hang Tags+ simplifies and empowers on-the-lot marketing. It makes marking vehicles this easy:

• Print all vehicle labels you need in minutes
• Complement basic vehicle specifications with coupons, incentives and calls to action to influence buyers
• Easy-to-read labels can promote monthly payments and/or down payments, or even cross-sell extended warranties and other F&I products
• Unique labels with variable printed data for CPO, new, pre-owned and even bargain vehicles

“Without the advantage of Hang Tags+, selecting and prepping vehicles for display on the lot burns up time and adds expense: grease pens, oil-based markers, decals, factory stickers, paper hang tags, die cut decals, angled model year stickers and more. All this on top of paying people for the time it takes to prep even one car adds up quickly, particularly when you’re stocking and turning more than 50 vehicles a month,” notes Christian Thornton, Senior Executive Vice President of Marketing and New Business Development for all AULtec products and brands.

“Hang Tags+ quickly eliminates windshield marketing fuss and frustration for dealers and gives their on-lot inventory presentation a more professional and appealing appearance,” Thornton says.

Hang Tags+ advantages:

• Easily displays precise model descriptions as well as mileage, price, payment, and more
• Replaces old-type windshield sticker and promo templates that you hand write today
• QR code and SMS Short Code lets smart- and android- phone users get deep vehicle details,  including vehicle images and more to increase their excitement in the vehicle and your dealership
• Works on any vehicle glass surface to draw attention
• Prints adhesive labels in almost any size and shape with your branded content

“Dealers of all sizes will now easily and inexpensively design, create and print engaging stickers and decals on the spot. Designers can create their own stickers themselves or leverage AULtec’s talented graphic design team,” says Thornton.

For more information, contact Christian Thornton at [email protected] or 866-949-9754.

About AULtec (pronounced “all tech”)
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, AULtec ( products help automotive retail teams of all sizes track all aspects of their business, share everything, work smarter, and establish more profitable customer relationships. From do-it-yourself inventory management apps and on-the-lot inventory service, to CRM and custom web site design, dealerships are energized by AULtec from end-to-end and across all profit centers. AULtec also energizes data integration solutions for numerous entities, including leading providers of inventory data & vehicle image acquisition, inventory management software and online data publishing.  The company’s superior software products and solutions, in-dealership service, and relentless customer service help thousands of dealerships drive more revenue and profit every day.