Houston, Texas -- CAR-Research XRM, a single-source CRM solution uniquely branded as; “XRM, Exceeding CRM”, today announced the addition of a new “Prospecting the Household” feature to its CRM that helps auto dealers unearth a potential goldmine of prospective vehicle buyers and capture more sales through their CRM.

The new “Prospecting the Household” scripts, built right into the CRM, are designed to farm the database for Repeats, Referrals (family members/co-workers), Service Customers, as well as Orphans Owners, to find the 2% of customers that are in the market to buy a new or used vehicle this month. The scripts prompt the sales person to “prospect the household” with a word track that walks the salesperson through a professional, courteous conversation. The feature guides the salesperson to make an introduction as the point of contact at the dealership, find out if the customer still owns the vehicle they purchased and if they are in the market for a new one.  
The salesperson is also prompted to gather information about the household such as: the number of drivers in the family, number of vehicles in the family, drivers’ names, if any are currently in the market for a vehicle, the type of vehicle they drive, monthly payment amount and estimated pay off. Using CAR-Research’s “Prospecting the Household” tool, salespeople can create a customer out of that prospect and schedule follow-up if the customer is soon to be in the market. This process has proven highly effective in identifying potential buyers.

“Dealers talk about wishing that they had a Business Development Center, and what they don’t realize is that they have one right on the showroom floor.   The average salesperson, according to NADA stats, only works 1 hour and 45 minutes of productive activity in a 9.5 hour day.  Imagine if you could get 20 salespeople to work 5 productive hours per day.  You would get 100 hours per day of business development activities out of your sales team,” said Patrick Kelly, CAR-Research XRM President and COO.
 “The problem is if you tell them to go to work, they don’t know what to do. If you tell them what to do, they don’t know what to say. So, you’ve got to have a CRM tool that tells them what to do, and a CRM tool that tells them what to say.  Our new “Prospecting the Household” feature is helping to uncover a huge amount of very high quality leads and sales for our auto dealer customers that at were right in their data base all along. And let’s not forget that
 be-backs, repeats and referrals close on average at 60%, versus 10% for fresh showroom ups and Internet Leads.”

CAR-Research XRM has developed a proven singular solution that helps an auto dealership run more effectively and proficiently. It is a web-based, comprehensive CRM solution that helps increase revenue from sales and service, improve customer satisfaction index (CSI) and service satisfaction index (SSI), and boost the dealership’s gross profit. A dealership can consolidate all its departments into a manageable solution that delivers value through proven processes at every stage of the customer life cycle.

The XRM platform offers over 50 CRM and Marketing Applications, including Internet Lead Mgr, Showroom Control, Desking with DMS push, Websites, Call Center, Integrated Telephony, Mobile XRM, Inventory Control Manager, Service Drive Control Manager©, and Social CRM. The XRM integration model allows dealers to eliminate redundant vendors and save money on their customer relationship efforts by bundling custom solutions for their store.

About CAR-Research XRM
CAR-Research XRM provides auto dealerships with a comprehensive single-source CRM solution and has been helping dealerships grow their business and increase profits since 1994. Its founders worked in the retail automotive industry for years before forming CAR-Research XRM.
Using this experience and industry knowledge, the company built its dealership solution one piece at a time, resulting in the industry’s most advanced single-source dealer solution, one that exceeds traditional CRM's. For more information visit www.CAR-Research.com or call 800-376-5918