LOS ANGELES, California – Westlake Financial Services, a full-spectrum auto finance company, will mark a milestone as they begin loan originations in the state of Massachusetts beginning June 1.  “With entry into Massachusetts, we are now a 50-state national lender.  That is something we are very proud of,” explains Westlake President Ian Anderson.       

Chris Thoman, Northeast Regional Manager, looks forward to offering Massachusetts dealers new financing options for their customers.  “We already have local sales representatives on the ground signing up dealers.  We know Massachusetts dealers value options when it comes to financing their customers.  We are confident once they see what Westlake has to offer, they won’t want – or need – to choose anyone else.”   

With a full-spectrum of financing options available, dealers can find the perfect fit for each customer.  Programs include Titanium (for true-prime credit), Platinum, Preferred, Standard (our most flexible program), ProfitBuilder® and Partner Programs (our profit-sharing programs).  Additionally, customers that meet certain criteria can take advantage of the “AAA-Deals” program which gives preferred rates and lower dealer discounts when minimum FICO, income, and down payment requirements are met.  

“For over 20 years, we’ve been providing both franchise and independent dealers a ‘one-stop shop’ to approve every customer that walks on their lot,” says Mark Vazquez, VP of Sales.  “With our ‘AAA-Deals’ program, prime customers can get APRs as low as 4.99%.  Credit-challenged customers with FICOs below 549 can get APRs as low as 15.99% with no vehicle mileage restrictions.  No other full-spectrum finance company can offer those kinds of rates on both sides of the credit spectrum.”

Other company highlights Westlake would like Massachusetts dealers to know:

• Over $1 billion in receivables
• Over 15,000 dealers in all 50 states
• Instant approvals 24/7 with the Westlake Buy Program®
• Complete online DMS system via RouteOne® or DealerCenter® website
• No minimum income, job time, residence time, or FICO requirements

Mr. Anderson concludes by welcoming Massachusetts dealers.  “There may be a great basketball rivalry between the Celtics and the Lakers,” he says.  “But Westlake is definitely on the Massachusetts Dealers’ team when it comes to auto finance.  Thank you for welcoming Westlake to your state!”

Massachusetts franchise and independent dealers looking for more information or interested in signing up with Westlake can call 1-888-8-YES-YES or visit www.westlakefinancial.com.   Additionally, Westlake is looking for talented sales representatives in the state and encourage people to contact the company for employment opportunities.

About Westlake Financial Services
Westlake Financial Services is an internet based, privately held finance company that specializes in the acquisition and servicing of sub-prime to prime automotive retail installment contracts. Headquartered in Southern California, Westlake originates indirect retail installment contracts through a network of over 15,000 new and used car dealers throughout the United States. Westlake also offers portfolio purchasing through their ALPS division (Advanced Lending & Portfolio Services).  Direct to consumer title loans and unsecured loans are done through Westlake’s wholly owned subsidiary, Wilshire Consumer Credit.  All collections and servicing are performed in-house from its central facility located in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles.