Provides Automotive Dealers Insight For Success With New Hires 

HOUSTON – GSFSGroup introduces Hiring Winners®, a proprietary software system designed to revolutionize the way retail automotive dealers approach the new hire process.  Hiring Winners is a customized suite of web-based human resource tools designed to guide dealers through recruiting and screening job applicants, as well as assist with selecting the best candidates and retaining top performing employees.

Recruiting the right person for the right job is the number one personnel issue for 80 percent of all dealers according to a recent survey.  Hiring Winners reduces the guesswork by refining the screening data to identify job candidates most likely to be successful in the automotive industry.

“Combining the traits of a successful auto industry employee with a hiring system used by other industries for years has resulted in a top-notch program that is proving to be effective for our clients,” said Alan Bond, Vice-President of National Sales, GSFSGroup.  “The results have been outstanding. For instance, our data indicates finance managers scoring high on the predictive performance scale have a 26 percent higher service contract penetration rate than those with lower scores.”

The hiring tools are industry-specific and customized to the profile of successful employees at a dealership for the best possible match with a candidate. They take into consideration the applicant and the type of job they are applying for, adjusting to the characteristics of outstanding employees in sales, finance, administration, service and management.

“This is the best pre-screening tool we have used. It provides us with a great evaluation of the applicant allowing us to choose the right personnel. Hiring Winners has reduced our turnover rate to an impressive 22 percent,” said Rick Allen, General Manager, Cardenas Auto Group.

GSFSGroup provides full training and support for dealerships utilizing Hiring Winners. Services include getting open positions in front of the best pool of applicants, customizing the program to reflect the dealership’s size, location and personality along with on-site training for managers to get the most from the information provided by the human resources tools.

About GSFSGroup
Gulf States Financial Services (GSFS) was founded in Houston, Texas, 30 years ago and is a nationwide provider and administrator of F&I products and reinsurance structures for the automotive industry.  GSFS is focused on delivering a simple and exceptional customer experience to our general agents, dealers and the end consumer.

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