Using Social Referrals, dealerships are able to create, manage and track buyer referrals to pump up sales and service profits.

Chicago, IL – SOCIALDEALER, a leading social media management company that helps automotive dealers create, manage and monitor their social activities through one centralized web platform, is excited to announce the addition of Social Referrals to their product suite. Automotive dealers can now use Facebook and Twitter to promote and manage buyer referral programs for their customers. 

Social Referrals enables dealers to offer rewards to customers when they refer their friends to the dealership.  It’s a win-win program for customers and the people they refer; the person who is referred gets a special offer on any new vehicle they purchase, while the customer who referred them also gets a reward.  To see a video of how Social Referrals works, click here.

While many dealers already have a referral program in place in their dealership, Social Referrals from SOCIALDEALER gives them an easy way to track and manage the program, as well as a method to use social media to promote it. Social Referrals integrates with a dealership’s Facebook pages and offers a widget that can be added to the dealership website to help promote the program.

“Dealers can now significantly increase the number of referrals their dealership receives,” reports Joe Castle, CEO and Founder of SOCIALDEALER. “Our Social Referrals product takes advantage of the strengths of digital marketing and leverages the power of social media, offering better results and more accountability.”

Social Referrals takes a traditional lead generation method and puts a digital strategy behind it, increasing the viral benefits of social media as well as the number of leads generated.   Social Referrals is available now as an add-on purchase to all SOCIALDEALER clients.

SOCIALDEALER is a social media management company that provides the industry’s only complete solution to help automotive dealers create, manage and monitor their social profiles, reputation and content, as well as engage with new and existing customers.  SOCIALDEALER offers expert assistance in the development and implementation of a dealers’ social media strategy.