87 percent of mobile-empowered auto shoppers
use, plan to use mobile devices to find perfect ride

LOS ANGELES – In an age when almost everyone has a smartphone, nearly nine in 10 car shoppers with a mobile device are already using or planning to use the technology in their search for the right car, according to a new study conducted by a resource for mobile marketing trends.

Among the results of the mobile users polled, Briabe Mobile's “Auto Shopping On-the-Go with Mobile: A Study of How Consumers Are Using Mobile Devices in Auto” found that:
  • Three out of five respondents have noticed an auto ad on their mobile phone or tablet.
  • Thirty-seven percent have clicked on auto ads for more information.
  • Users are most interested in research (85 percent) and/or price comparison (86 percent) when shopping for cars on their smart phone or tablets.
  • Banner ads (68 percent) and social media ads (69 percent) are the most effective types of ads that cut through the online clutter.
  • Deals and promotional offers along with ads that highlight car features resonate the most among mobile users with 76 percent of respondents saying they’re most likely to click on these types of car ads.
“These findings provide a snapshot into various demographic groups for car manufacturers, agencies and dealers,” said James Briggs, CEO and co-founder of Briabe Mobile. “If they are not reaching their audiences through mobile, they are missing important opportunities to market not only to active mobile users, but to turn those clicks into potential car purchases.”

The survey also found that the top five sources used on a mobile device are search engines, Cars.com, car company websites Facebook and Autotrader.com.

Additional findings into each demographic segment revealed:
  • Cars ads on mobile devices generate more awareness and responsiveness among certain minorities. Sixty-five percent of African Americans and 63 percent of Asian Americans are aware of these ads versus 59 percent for Hispanics and the 62 percent for the general market. Thirty-nine percent of African Americans and Asian Americans were most likely to have clicked on a car ad.
  • However, Hispanic auto shoppers had the highest potential with 91 percent of respondents indicating they have used or plan to use their mobile phone or tablet to shop for a car.
  • Three-fourths of African Americans and 69 percent of Hispanics are more eager to be alerted via text message for service reminders after they purchase a car.
“The purpose of the survey was to identify how mobile behaviors impact the auto shopping process and to find specific areas where auto advertisers can have deeper and more meaningful engagements with consumers,” added Briggs.
Briabe Mobile, the only U.S. mobile marketing solutions provider dedicated to enabling brands and agencies to reach and influence the “new majority” of American consumer groups,  surveyed 1,641 consumers ages 18 to 54 who were planning to purchase an automobile within the next 12 months and owned a smartphone or tablet. The survey was conducted online from July 26 to July 31, 2012. Among the respondents, 512 were from the general market, 374 were African American, 378 were Asian American and 377 were Hispanic.

For more information and an infographic of the “Auto Shopping On-the-Go with Mobile” study, visit BriabeMobile.com/s/auto.

Oct. 15, 2012