CAR-Research XRM releases 'Victory by Inches' as free
best-practices guide for CRM strategies for dealers

HOUSTON--CAR-Research XRM, a single-source CRM solution uniquely branded as; “XRM, Exceeding CRM”, today announced the release of “Victory by Inches: The Key to Auto Dealers’ Sales Success in a Social World.” The new e-book is a best-practices guide for auto dealerships covering CRM strategies in today’s social world.

“Social media is an increasingly relevant marketing tool for auto dealerships. Its ability to engage consumers where they socialize today--and then pull them into the showroom--is a growing reality. However, social media at your dealership doesn’t mean much if the sales team is forgetting the basics-- those foundational socialization steps known as the road to the sale, customer follow up and prospecting the household for additional opportunities,” said CAR-Research XRM President and COO Patrick Kelly.  “Soliciting friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter or dealer review sites is valuable, but it must be secondary to personal engagement on the showroom floor. As it has always been, selling cars is a process of engagement. Sales victory is earned by capitalizing on every inch of opportunity. Selling has always been a social process.”

Dealerships who embrace a culture of selling sociability:
  • Engage every customer and are intentional about building value into their product.
  • Recognize every communication and encounter with customers as part of a social engagement opportunity to boost retention and win new business from customers’ friends and families.
  • Pursue every up consistently--and reengage socially with unsold customers to win back two-thirds of them and close between 40 and 70 percent of them.
“On a daily basis we use digital and social marketing to drive traffic to our website and into our stores. However, people still want to buy from people they trust and that can be accomplished only through face-to-face interaction with the customer,” notes Jim O’Neil, regional manager for the Fenton Auto Group in Tyler, Tex.

“Victory by Inches” shares how dealerships create social selling cultures and convert more shoppers into buyers, whether coming into the store after visiting your website, viewing your Facebook page, getting referred by a friend or because the store just happens to be in a convenient location.

“Victory by Inches” can be downloaded for free at Free print copies will also be available at Booth No. 817at the 13th Digital Dealer Conference, Oct. 23-25 in Las Vegas.

About CAR-Research XRM
CAR-Research XRM provides auto dealerships with a comprehensive single-source CRM solution and has been helping dealerships grow their business and increase profits since 1994. Its founders worked in the retail automotive industry for years before forming CAR-Research XRM. Using this experience and industry knowledge, the company built its dealership solution one piece at a time, resulting in the industry’s most advanced single-source dealer solution, one that exceeds traditional CRM's. For more information visit or call 800.376.5918.

Oct. 22, 2012