Fresh DealerActivator offers retailers improved equity alert tool, new
Conquest Customer to enable dealers to capture customer-specific details

NORFOLK, Va.—Dominion Dealer Solutions—an industry leader in equity data mining, automotive marketing, CRM, lead generation, reputation and inventory management—today announced a new release of its equity alert tool, DealActivator, to further empower automotive dealers to pull in-service customers into the buying market.

DealActivator mines the retailer’s database for highly-qualified equity customers from sales and service, delivering data to the dealer daily. Dealers can locate quality inventory at better prices, yielding higher gross and volume. This new release offers auto retailers an improved user interface as well as the new Conquest Customer. This new features enables dealers to capture customer-specific details on people who did not buy their car at the dealership but are utilizing the service lane. Dealers will now be able to better pull customers into the buying market and better keep target unsold customers within Dominion's equity mining technology. This new release also will benefit our current dealers in terms of streamlined process, fewer clicks and more visually appealing, user-centric reporting.

“DealActivator’s Customer Conquest tool continues to enable dealers to target the service lane to mine current and unsold customers." said Dominion Director of Equity Mining Solutions Lyndsey Rodriquez. "We are committed to helping dealers connect with unsold customers sitting in their service lane with targeted, cost-effective communications.”

"In addition, the refresh of the user experience allows us to more strongly solidify our solution within the Dominion product family. Now, we join Dominion Inventory and Dominion Adaptive websites with a common interface, centralized reporting and flexible, at-a-glance custom widgets,” added Rodriguez.

DealActivator provides competitive advantages to local retailers by harvesting current customers from the data management system, creating a new sales initiative in the service drive and then delivering the best possible prospects by pushing customers into the market early. DealActivator also makes contact with a retailer’s best customers by utilizing automated multi-channel messaging that sends pre-qualified buyers directly to the showroom, thus driving significant revenue and return on investment.

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Oct. 24, 2012