Santa Margarita Ford’s Retail Sales Process (RSP) Improved through use of The Next Up’s closed sales floor system.

Anaheim, CA – The Next Up, a retail sales process (RSP) proven to improve dealership sales results, is pleased to announce Santa Margarita Ford has reported test drives up by 20% since implementing the sales process 90 days ago. In addition to increased test drives, The Next Up has enabled Santa Margarita Ford to increase their market share from 6.7% to 8% in their area.

Streamlining and analyzing a dealership’s RSP is at the heart of The Next Up’s services. By implementing a closed floor selling system and accessing easy-to-use sales team technology, The Next Up gives General Managers the true numbers of prospects walking through their door. Team members spend more time with each prospect and push for test drives, increasing write ups, sales and gross profit.

“In the past we’ve used spotters for sales, but it can get corrupted pretty quickly. The Next Up seems to even the playing field and give everyone the opportunity to make a sale. You don’t have one salesperson taking all of the leads,” said Robin Edmond, General Sales Manager of Santa Margarita Ford. 

The system also helps Sales Managers analyze the success of each salesperson and respond immediately if a salesperson is underperforming.

“We had two below average performers on our team who were test driving at about 50 percent,” said Edmond. “Through the use of The Next Up we were able to spot the problem and get their test drives up to 75%, which helped with write-ups and increased our sales for the month.”

“The Next Up has changed the culture in our store. My sales staff knows every lead is important. It has crystallized the process for our team and we’re seeing tremendous results,” said Edmond.

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About The Next Up
The Next Up is a Retail Sales Process (RSP) that has proven to make sales teams more effective and increase test drives, write-ups and sales. By combining a closed floor selling system and easy-to-use technology, General Managers and Sales Managers are able to queue up sales leads in the door and level the playing field for their sales staff. The result is more time spent with each lead, increased test drives and higher sales numbers overall. For more information on The Next Up, please visit