IRVINE, Calif. — Spireon, a provider of mobile resource management and business intelligence solutions, has introduced GoldStar CMS, a new collateral management platform that helps vehicle finance companies reduce the time and costs related to funding and servicing automobile loans.

GoldStar CMS, the next generation of Spireon's GoldStar GPS, goes beyond simple vehicle tracking. The software solution features an intuitive user interface and tools designed to help simplify the loan process for dealers and lenders, allowing them to process more loans more quickly.

"Spireon has been a leader and innovator in vehicle finance for the past decade, enabling more than 3 million buyers to secure vehicle loans," says Marc Brungger, Spireon's CEO. "With GoldStar CMS, we have reached new heights. GoldStar CMS is a business enabler for our dealer customers, allowing them to put more buyers into more vehicles."

GoldStar CMS features a visual data-rich dashboard, which allows dealers to see at a glance the status of devices, renewals, usage, recent alerts and top device usage, and then drill down to take action on alerts before a problem escalates.

GoldStar CMS also includes a mobile VIN scanner, a smartphone app that allows dealers to scan a vehicle identification number and automatically populate a vehicle's year, make and model into their GoldStar system. Using Reference Genie, dealers can check a customer's references (work, home address, etc.) based on the locations they frequent instead of manual phone calls. Location Genie helps dealers forecast reliable collection locations at any given time and day for repossession purposes. Dealers can select data over 30, 60 or 90 days to determine the most likely location based on historical data, helping reduce time and cost associated with vehicle recovery.

Group commands, another feature of GoldStar CMS, allow dealers to create groups of vehicles and assign common policies and rules for GeoFences, heartbeats, delinquency alerts and more, while device health tools check factors that impact the overall health of the location device, including car battery strength, and strength of cellular signal and GPS signal.

Variable heartbeats ping a device in intervals based on the dealer's preference, providing around the clock locations over time for a vehicle. Also, the dealer can select reports and alerts that make the most sense to their business, including the establishment of bulk GeoFences, quick fences and more.

GoldStar CMS is based on Spireon's NSpire M2M Business Intelligence Platform and backed by industry's first Pure Gold Performance guarantee that ensures 99.9 percent uptime, officials said. Built from the ground up, NSpire is a cloud-based environment comprised of best-in-class servers, databases, networks and data centers. Spireon has more than 1.9 million active subscribers on the platform and collects more than 5 billion data events each year from multi-vertical markets.

"GoldStar CMS was designed to be brilliantly simple," says Jim Brady, chief product officer at Spireon. "By using the NSpire platform as the starting point, we are able to deliver to dealers a collateral management solution that is powerful, responsive and easy to use, allowing them to better serve their buyers."