MIAMI, Fla. — AutoWeb is a new free vehicle search engine designed to help car shoppers search for and find a vehicle based on specific search criteria. The search also features social media options and integrates with platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Shoppers select specific criteria such as vehicle type, make, model, MSRP, monthly payment or MPG range and are presented with vehicles that match the criteria. Based on the search results, consumers can compare vehicles directly and even share top picks across social media, potentially bringing friends into the decision making process.

There is also a “Get quote” option which puts a shopper in direct contact with companies that provide them with pricing information for the cars they are interested in.

In late January, AutoWeb will begin offering used car search results and relevant content like automotive news, industry trend information and car reviews which are curated by a team of experts and former car media people.

“With 64% of consumers using online search engines to find a car, we pride ourselves on making the experience as convenient and intuitive as possible,” said Charlie Schiavone of AutoWeb. “Our users quickly find the car that best suits them, share it friends and have fun searching for their new car.”

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