ANAHEIM, Calif. — The Next Up announced this week integration with the LightSpeed Virtual Trainer, an interactive web-based training platform, to bring better onboarding and training experiences to clients.

The integration will allow managers to hold salespeople accountable for completing courses and provide back-end analytics to tie training with sales success.

"Training can be one of the best ways to create a more productive sales team, but with an open floor, salespeople often don’t take time to complete it," said Clint Burns, founder and CEO of The Next Up. “The Next Up gives them the time to do the training while remaining confident they are not missing opportunities, and our analytics allow us to tailor trainings to each salesperson’s needs.”

LightSpeed VT is a web-based platform allowing dealer personnel to take individualized training courses from industry experts like Grant Cardone, Paul Webb and the National Automobile Dealers Association. In addition to LightSpeed’s training, The Next Up will offer dealership sales teams a consistent, one-on-one onboarding and ongoing training experience.

The Next Up will also help dealership managers hold their sales staff accountable for curriculum. If a salesperson is not current on training, The Next Up System will not allow them to enter the sales queue. A pop-up note will state that the curriculum needs have not been met and the salesperson will have to log in and complete the curriculum and associated tests to gain access.

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