ANN ARBOR, Mich. — HookLogic announced that its AutoHook suite of products is on track to deliver over 700,000 leads and is trending toward 100,000 walk-ins for its auto dealer clients in 2015. The company said it is experiencing steady and continued growth that has been accelerated in 2015 by a revamped product line.

“AutoHook is now one of the fastest growing companies in the auto space,” said David Metter, president of automotive for HookLogic. “With that continued growth, we are looking at generating almost 700,000 leads. But more importantly, we are trending to have over 100,000 showroom customers turn up for our auto dealers in 2015, which means they can expect to sell a lot more vehicles.”

Web2Show issued almost 20% more incentive coupons, and Lead2Show walk-ins are up 7.1%, according to Metter.

The AutoHook suite of products by HookLogic drives more in-market shoppers into a dealership by offering time-sensitive, high-value hooks.

The AutoHook Suite of Solutions includes:

  • Web2Show, a tool that converts traffic from the dealer’s website into more showroom visitors. Prospects that visit the dealer’s site are invited to choose a free gift, only redeemable by visiting their showroom.
  • Lead2Show, a tool that identifies the highest intent to buy customers through a dealer’s third-party leads using scoring from data partners such as Polk and Dataium.
  • Mobile2Show, a mobile targeting and showrooming solution. Mobile2Show targets competitive dealerships and brands in the mobile environment, both on the dealer’s site as well as other local and regional sites, and drives prospects away from competitors and into the dealership’s showroom.