BEAVERTON, Ore. — AutoAp, a mobile-focused automotive software development company, announced the release of Dynamic Recall Management (DRM), an automated service desigend to provide dealers with daily recall updates for new- and used-vehicle inventory.

AutoAp’s DRM service interfaces with dealer inventory software to identify vehicles that face recalls and also corrects errors in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s database to ensure accuracy. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes per day and can save dealers money on staff time that would be dedicated to gathering the same information.

The DRM service can also be used to notify customers whether the vehicle they're interested in buying is under recall. AutoAp provides dealers with in-store and online "Safety Recall Certified" marketing assets to help differentiate their business, showing that the inventory is checked each day for safety recalls.

The recall information can also be used to generate revenue from recall warranty work, providing dealers with repair work.

“No dealer I know wants to knowingly sell a vehicle with an open safety recall,” said Mark Paul, CEO of AutoAp.  “With the DRM service, dealers can cost-effectively monitor their inventory for open recalls and know the safety recall status of their entire inventory every day, increasing their customers’ safety and reducing their liability.”