SAN FRANCISCO — Recall Masters has launched the Rambo marketing program, designed to drive more sales and service revenue from car owners affected by factory recalls.

Rambo is able to identify and target safety recalls in specific areas and market to those car owners, allowing dealers to market to customers based on the potential profitability of the service.

Rambo interfaces directly with OEMs to perform batch recall lookups by VIN. Using this information, Rambo learns which mandatory recalls are performed, unperformed or expired.  It obtains the complete recall description, recall consequence, NHTSA code and OEM code for every NHTSA-mandated recall.

 “With Rambo we create opportunities to attract new customers, generate more revenue from recall repairs, upsell service based on vehicle maintenance and convert higher mileage and older vehicles into new car sales for our auto dealer clients,” said Chris Miller, president of Recall Masters.

Recall masters offers exclusive marketing areas to dealers. Dealers can choose a preferred marketing area by zip code and gain exclusive marketing privileges to VINs in the selected area.

Only one dealer at a time is authorized to contact a vehicle owner and Recall Masters’ system filters and ranks recalls to identify for dealers the most motivated owners and most profitable recalls. It filters the recalls based on consumer safety, labor value, vehicle age, mileage and total service profitability.

Once a dealer determines their target area, a marketing program is used that is designed to increase conversion rates better than direct mail alone. VIN-specific recall mailers are scheduled to go out every two weeks. The custom-branded pieces are mailed to all past and current recalls for all the leading manufacturers, not serviced by any other dealership, and tailored to exclude nuisance and sticker recalls.

The recall reminder is sent by “top of stack” delivery first-class mail. It includes a call-to-action to schedule an appointment with the dealership using a toll-free tracking number. Then the dealership reaches out to vehicle owners by phone, using the numbers provided by Recall Masters, as an added reminder to visit the dealership for their recall service.

When a customer calls in to inquire about a recall, Rambo allows a dealership to look up the recall by vehicle VIN. This simplifies and speeds up the process and allows dealers to answer any questions and service the customer.