NASHVILLE, Tenn. — VehicleSpection has launched a service that provides dealerships with on-site, professional inspections of certified used vehicles.

By generating condition reports for prospective buyers and actively keeping its database up to date, VehicleSpection provides vehicle history reports to buyers and guides them to dealerships.

"Consumers are more careful than ever, especially in the case of major purchases like automobiles,” said Jeff Stolar, found of VehicleSpection. “The Internet affords many ways to conduct research on vehicles, but VehicleSpection is the only service of its kind offering complete physical inspections."

Following an inspection, VehicleSpection lists the vehicle on its own website and on all major internet sales portals with direct links to the dealer’s inventory. It also gives dealers the opportunity to connect with wholesale marketplaces like OVE, Smart Auction and Auction Lane.

With its physical inspections, VehicleSpection says it can find damage in the frame or unibody, even if it’s been repaired. This provides an extra layer of protection from vehicle history reports collected from other agencies which can be based on flawed information.

The company also offers additional services like window stickers, dealer reputation management, search engine optimization and marketing consulting for targeted campaigns.

"VehicleSpection is a new secret weapon for dealers looking to get ahead in a notoriously competitive industry," said Stolar.