PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Hardware and software services provider GoMoto has partnered with DealerSocket and David Maus Volkswagen South to bring an interactive, digital shopping experience to the dealership.

GoMoto is transforming the dealership’s sales process, delivering a digital customer experience in order to reduce transaction time and increase sales. David Maus Volkswagen South is a Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Certified Dealership. According to officials, the partnership will be used as a template for Berkshire and other groups to follow.

Part of the transformation includes installing touchscreen hubs designed to bridge the gap between online shopping and the in-dealership experience. The sales process enables car buyers to self-register with license scanning technology, capture advertising sourcing, browse new- and used-car inventory, book test drives and research vehicles at their own pace with sales staff nearby to provide any needed assistance.  

The HUBs are cloud-based and customizable to improve the overall sales, BDC, F&I and service experience. The system also allows for information to be directly integrated with the dealership’s CRM provider DealerSocket.

“At David Maus Volkswagen South, we seek to be progressive in how we engage customers to drive an expedient and transparent sales process.” said Kenny Sims, general manager. “GoMoto was the first company that could demonstrate an in-store technology that enabled a same side selling experience, reduces transaction time, improve customer feedback scores and have direct integration with our CRM provider DealerSocket.”

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Originally posted on F&I and Showroom