SAN FRANCISCO — Recall Masters Inc. has added a new set of features to its Recall Communication Services designed to help dealers better identify and communicate with existing and prospective customers that have vehicle with open recalls.

“This is not a program that we sell and then just walk away,” said Chris Miller, president of Recall Masters. “It’s about making sure our dealers become successful recall centers for their communities. We train, watch, monitor and constantly stay in touch with our dealers. Recall Masters becomes an extension of the dealership’s management to help keep performance at a high level.”

Recall Masters conducts a complete recall communications analysis upfront to prepare each dealership for the entire year. Those dealers’ database are then broken down by active customers, lost customers and recall prospects in the area. A communications plan is then designed for the full year so the firm’s clients don’t oversaturate the market.

Customers are both called and emailed reminders about their recalls. Once the first email is delivered, follow-up emails are delivered weeks two and three, and then weeks five and seven. At the same time, six call attempts are made over a three-week period. .

Calls are recorded and feedback reports generated to gauge the overall success of the program. According to company officials, this ensures that all recall owners are being treated correctly.

“We have grown into a one-stop shop that addresses everything a dealer needs to be successful with recalls. The recall customer needs a special type of handling,” Miller explained. “Recall Masters builds the recall department at the dealership and then trains all personnel on an ongoing basis on the correct state of mind about how these customers should be perceived and handled.”

Recall Masters full suite of services includes Recall Masters Academy, Recall Knowledge Data Base, Recall Reminders, Recall Lookup and VIN Check on Demand. For more, visit

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom