IRVINE, Calif. — The newest update to AutoAlert’s CreditConvert 2.0 program has brought with it the ability to request pre-screens on any customer at any point of the sales process, according to a company press release.

With this new feature, dealer managers will be able to pull a customer’s basic credit information without the need for a social security number, date of birth or approval. Once information is pulled, a firm offer of credit will be sent to every qualifying customer, providing additional touch points for the dealer, according to the company.

CreditConvert is also equipped with a predictive intelligence feature, that determines the optimal time to prescreen service-not-sold customers who have previously been screened but were identified as non-upgrade opportunities, the company release stated. According to the company, the program automatically initiates pre-screens and ultimately results in more upgrade opportunities.

With these latest updates, the company stated, dealerships will have the power to stay in touch with customer needs, win advocates and cut through extraneous marketplace information in order to offer exactly what’s needed.