St. LOUIS — Wise F&I announced this week that its F&I products are now available to dealers operating on a Reynolds dealership management system through the software provider’s Product Rating and Book tool.

The connection, which features erating and econtracting capabilities, includes access to the F&I product provider’s full suite of branded protection products, including GAPWise, WiseCARE, TIREWise, WiseTVP, THEFTWise and KEYWise.

“Throughout 25 years in the automotive industry, Wise F&I has focused on providing the best automotive finance and insurance protection products to our clients and consumers,” said Wise F&I President Matt Croak. “We’re pleased to be working more closely with Reynolds and Reynolds and expect this new enhancement between Wise F&I and the Reynolds Product Rating and Booking tool will enable our mutual dealership clients to more easily, efficiently, and accurately offer our branded protection products to their customers."

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom