JAMESTOWN, N.C. — Securethics announced the release of its latest “Communication and Conflict Management Training Program” and the first developed specifically for automobile dealerships. It was designed to specifically address the challenges associated with communication, conflict, the high turnover rate among sales associates, and the challenges faced by those who hire new associates.

The company’s founder and president, Phil Collins, has 20 years’ experience working with and for various U.S. industries in risk management and as an independent security analyst, communications and conflict management consultant, as well as a corporate investigator and interviewer.

“With sales associates leaving dealerships at an alarming rate within the first 90 days of their employment, when 50% of employees leave their job because of miscommunication and or conflict in the workplace and the $2,000 to $3,000 cost of replacing an employee who has left a dealership, a tool was needed to address this serious issue that has plagued dealerships for years,” Collins said.

Written from a professional and customer view point, the new CCMTP was designed to teach dealers and their employees how to communicate more effectively and correctly manage whatever conflicts may occur between co-associates, customers and other individuals. It includes a section on active shooter response and a workplace violence awareness program.

The program also includes the “t.a.l.k” proactive communicative hiring process model, which was designed to help dealers and managers effectively screen applicants and candidates based on a new concept of evaluation and interviewing. Implemented correctly, Collins said, the t.a.l.k mode can assist in reducing the potential of “bad hires” and reduce annual turnover by as much as 5% or higher.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom