PORTLAND, Ore. — DealerEFX introduced a “mobile-ready” email template quality assurance service designed to leverage any CRM while avoiding costly new software and training. Enterprise Template Manager (ETM), will provide salespeople a level of email response quality previously too difficult to achieve and maintain within existing CRM template editors, according to the company.

The new templates support dealers’ lead generation efforts with promotions and fixed operations specials pulled from dealer websites and plugged into their “actively managed” banner advertising in every template used by a dealer’s sales team, according to DealerEFX’s founder and CEO, Jim Lawrence.

“Over the last four-plus years, we had the chance to review the quality of ‘homegrown’ and ‘canned’ email response templates from dealer personnel, OEMs and CRM service providers in dozens of different CRM systems,” Lawrence said. “We found a widespread lack of high-quality email response content and that most email touchpoints in the customer communications lifecycle do not reinforce the OEMs’ or dealerships’ brand and value messages they have spent millions to build and sustain.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom