SAN FRANCISCO — Shoppers on Jumpstart Automotive Media’s portfolio of automotive websites are showing greater interest in the luxury sport, coupe, luxury sport sedan, and large SUV categories.

Between July and August, shopper interest in the luxury sport and coupe segments grew 28% and 15%, respectively. Interest in the luxury sport sedan and large SUV segments grew 14% and 12%, respectively. Leading the way, however, were the alternative fuel and subcompact SUV/CUV segments, which realized 40% and 34% growth in shopper interest during the same period.

In the luxury sport category, the Jaguar F-Type realized a 51% increase in shopper interest so far this year, while interest in the BMW Z4 has grown 28%. For Coupes, interest in the Toyota 86 rose 44% between July and August — a category the brand hasn’t led since its Scion FR-S coupe led the way in the first quarter of 2016.

“This is the second straight month where Toyota has been a headliner in shopper interest for its vehicles in certain categories, with its C-HR subcompact crossover making the largest jump in interest for its segment in June,” said Colin Thomas, senior analyst of strategic insights for Jumpstart. “The brand has done a remarkable job with vehicles recently, tapping into key performance and design attributes that shoppers are seeking today.”

In the large SUV segment, interest for the Chevrolet Tahoe grew 26% from July to August, while interest in the Ford Expedition has grown 44% so far this year.

Jumpstart analyzes share of shopper interest regularly to gain insight into what consumers are considering when researching their next vehicle purchase, as well as how long it takes them to make a decision and how media influences their shopping process. These insights are based on the shopping patterns of more than 17 million in-market auto shoppers who are researching vehicles across the company’s portfolio of automotive publishers.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom