CLEARWATER, Fla. — AutoLoop LLC recently introduced an all-new multipoint inspection (MPI) tool designed to help dealerships earn customer trust and grow repair order revenue through a user-friendly, yet powerful, product.

With AutoLoop MPI, service staff can complete multipoint inspections more efficiently than when using paper forms or standard industry processes. The tool walks every staff member through the inspection and enables them to start it from the vehicle walkaround via AutoLoop SmartLane. As repair opportunities are identified, each one is automatically marked as ‘checked’ for the technician in the service bay, making completing the inspection much faster overall, all according to the provider.

AutoLoop MPI also helps upsell, generates detailed inspection reports, and keeps a record of declined repairs, enhancing the customer experience while driving service revenue, according to Matt Rodeghero, AutoLoop’s CPO.

“It’s not uncommon to see dealers using our MPI tool and selling enough additional services in the first two weeks to pay for the product for the next two years,” Rodeghero said. “We’re excited to see just how much success this user-friendly solution can generate for dealers long-term.”

Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, AutoLoop MPI is designed for dealerships using AutoLoop Book, the customer scheduling and service-lane management suite. It also integrates with AutoLoop SmartLane, the mobile check-in and service lane management tool, with no additional DMS integration fees, according to the company.

Visit AutoLoop at Booth 5038C at the NADA convention in Las Vegas.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom