ISELIN, N.J. — Fintech provider Darwin Automotive announced its patented F&I software has been chosen by ELEAD1ONE for its DealBuilder Showroom and DealBuilder Online solutions.

“We wanted to ensure that both our showroom and online car-buying application had the most advanced F&I product presentation on the market,” said Bill Wittenmyer, partner at ELEAD1ONE. “With F&I representing such a large portion of the average dealers’ profit, we had to pay careful consideration to this portion of the transaction.”

DealBuilder is a digital retailing tool that calculates accurate payments to the penny, incorporating state and local taxes and fees, as well as the consumer’s credit score, into the final price. The ability to offer accurate pricing is pivotal to guide the customer to the final step, which is the retail installment agreement, executives said.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with our partners at ELEAD1ONE on these exciting new technology platforms,” said Darwin CEO Phil Battista. “As digital retailing solutions start to mature and become a mainstay of the marketplace, it’s becoming essential for dealerships to choose the right partner that helps them provide the best experience while at the same time maximizing the overall deal profitability. We’ve seen many digital retailing providers opt for a static F&I product presentation that oftentimes presents F&I products that aren’t suited for the chosen vehicle. This is a huge miss, in our opinion.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom