LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Black Book (a div. of Hearst) has partnered with Mobility Sales Solutions and its new Vin-Up solution for automotive dealers and their service customers. Under the agreement, automotive dealers are immediately alerted to each vehicle’s latest Black Book value when vehicles come in for service, enabling better resale opportunities with their service customers.

Service valets at automotive dealerships are equipped with Vin-UP portable scanners and printers, handing the vehicle owner a Vin-UP ticket as they exit their vehicle. The ticket displays the latest Black Book value of their vehicle, and dealers have the option of offering incentives to that customer to take a few minutes to discuss the sale of that car.

“This program puts the customer first,” says Bruno Lucarelli, president of U.S. Vin-UP distributor Mobility Sales Solutions. “We encourage auto dealers to avoid aggressive sales tactics aimed at waiting service customers. Vin-UP dealers recognize that informing a customer of their Black Book vehicle value, and giving them the option of discussing a sale or trade-in on their own terms is more indicative of a positive retail experience and will address brand retention."

Jared Kalfus, executive vice president of revenue for Black Book, added: “A turnkey automotive service customer vehicle buyback program that combines technology such as Vin-Up and the most accurate vehicle values from Black Book will foster a more productive dialogue for dealers and their returning customers. Customers returning for service aren’t typically in the shopping mindset, so the ability to create a dialogue with an accurate value of their vehicle creates a less adversarial environment to begin a discussion, creating a win-win scenario for both parties and fostering an environment of trust.”