ASBURY PARK, N.J. — Automotive dealership service customers can now be instantly informed of a vehicle’s value, thanks to service valets and advisors being equipped with Vin-UP portable scanners and printers, handing the owner a “Vin-UP Offer Ticket” as they exit their vehicle, according to the company.

The ticket displays each vehicle’s latest Kelley Blue Book trade-in value, giving dealers the option of offering incentives to that customer and discussing the sale of their car, allowing stores to substantially increase their stock of quality pre-owned inventory, said Bruno Lucarelli, president of Mobility Sales Solutions, a Vin-UP distributor.

“Your strongest leads drive in and out of the service lane every day, and the Vin-UP program gives the service customer an excellent starting point to consider selling their vehicle,” he said. “Other service lane equity programs ‘lead with the sale,’ which we now know is confirming a customer’s worst fears about entering a dealership.

“The Vin-UP approach ‘leads with the offer,’ a business model more indicative of the ‘Amazon experience’ providing valuable information upfront to customers that creates a more informed and customer-centric decision,” Lucarelli added. “Vin-UP starts the ‘sales conversation’ better than any other program available, and offering trusted Kelley Blue Book trade-in values adds to the customer’s comfort level.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom