NEW YORK — The inaugural Automotive Game Changers Conference will take place Dec. 3, 2018, at the Huntington Hilton in New York City. Presented by El Patronn, a.k.a. Rudi T of Brooklyn Mitsubishi, the event will feature speakers from the forefront of the automotive and technology industries to show how these two worlds can combine to make “big sense and big sales” when they come together, the dealer said.

“A year ago, I went to a seminar that changed my life. Now, I am running my own conference so I can share with others how I experienced a 248% increase in sales where I went from selling less than 200 cars to almost 400 in one month,” said El Patronn. “I will be joined by my inner circle of experts and vendors that have gotten behind my massive success, and you will be able to learn how we went about creating this incredible transformation.”

Expert speakers will also include Max Zanan, F&I and Showroom contributor and bestselling author of “Perfect Dealership: Surviving the Digital Disruption,” Jason Geras, automotive entrepreneur and creator of the Next Sale app, and digital marketing expert Paul Getter, a.k.a. “The Internet Marketing NERD.”

“We are witnessing a tectonic shift in automotive retail because of the change in consumer buying habits, online disrupters, and greater focus on convenience, transparency, and customer service,” Zanan said. “To compound this problem, most consumers do not like the buying process currently taking place in the showrooms across the country. I will address the necessary steps each department needs to take in order to survive the digital disruption.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom