COLUMBUS, Ohio — Clarivoy today announced the launch of ShoppersON, a combination of three products — Anonymous Shopper Identification, HDLeads, and CRM Sync — into one platform designed to offer a powerful new way for auto dealers to identify and engage with in-market shoppers.

Clarivoy CEO Steve White described ShoppersON as a “now” platform.

“Many times, dealers can’t wait for a marketing campaign to generate more in-market shoppers, they need more leads now. ShoppersON instantly delivers more low funnel shoppers directly to the CRM so that dealers can connect with shoppers today,” White said. “ShoppersON turns anonymous website shoppers into named shoppers and lackluster leads into intelligent leads, resulting in frictionless engagement.

“The auto industry has become more transparent to the consumer, but the consumer has become more opaque to the auto industry, which now has a huge challenge converting website traffic into leads. Website conversion rates and lead quality continue downward, driving up the cost of leads and sales. With the patent-pending technology of ShoppersON, we empower dealers to lead differently,” White added.

ShoppersON included Anonymous Shopper Identification, described as “X-ray vision” for dealer sites, HDLeads, which provides “full and complete” leads that include demographic and contact information, and CRM Sync, which was designed to deliver in-market shopper data directly into the CRM.

“BDC managers, marketing directors, sales managers, internet managers and more should all turn ‘ON’ this revolutionary new lead source,” said White. “Take advantage of enriched shopper information, unlike anything you’ve seen before, and generate more engaging conversations with shoppers.”

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