COLCHESTER, Vt. — DealerPolicy Inc. will exhibit its “industry-first” all-inclusive auto insurance solution for dealers at NADA Show 2019 in San Francisco next week, the company announced.

“After operating a dealership myself for 15 years, we founded DealerPolicy with the vision to completely solve auto insurance for dealers — not just to write one or two policies when a customer needs insurance, but offering insurance to every car buyer. Doing that, we’ve been able to increase the buying power of nearly 70% of our customers by thousands of dollars,” said CEO Travis Fitzgerald. “That extra buying power, plus our incentive program, gives dealers new income opportunities they can only get from DealerPolicy.”

“DealerPolicy isn’t just a turnkey auto insurance solution; equally important, we save dealers and their customers time completing car deals,” added Chief Product Officer Mike Burgiss. “At NADA 2019, we’re showcasing our latest innovation, DriverIQ, which saves time by instantly pre-filling the auto insurance and finance applications while providing dealers with customer insights only available through DealerPolicy.” 

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