MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — Automotive digital marketing consulting provider Generations Digital LLC announced the availability of Analytics Express. The new report format was designed to take information directly from Google Analytics and third-party lead sources and turn it into real-time colorful graphs and charts that are easy to read and understand.

“To extend their reach, dealerships rely on multiple third-party classified providers. This also means those busy dealers have to carve out time to juggle and interpret reports from different vendors in hopes of understanding what’s working and what’s not,” said George Nenni, founder and managing principal of Generations Digital.

To meet this need and to help dealers better manage their marketing investments, Nenni said, Analytics Express brings together key data points from all of a dealer’s third-party marketing partners and Google analytics to show what is working and what is not.

“Analytics Express makes sure dealers are comparing apples to apples,” said Nenni. “AE brings clarity to what otherwise can be a murky process of interpreting different third-party reports. By putting everything from lead source, to VDP views, to traffic sources into an easy-to-read format, the tool makes it less complicated and more efficient for dealers to know where to reduce or increase their ad dollar spend across the board. We created this report so our dealers no longer feel held hostage by third party providers and ad agencies. The information they need to make informed decisions is right in front of them.”

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