SALT LAKE CITY — Alpha Warranty Services was awarded the Workplace Wellness Award by the Utah Worksite Wellness Council at a luncheon yesterday. The award is given to companies that build effective worksite wellness programs and methods that lead to sustainable lifestyle changes for employees.

Alpha has been engaged in an internally developed wellness program for several years. The program encourages and incentivizes activities that lead to improved physical, emotional, and financial wellness as well as encouraging community service. Alpha brings in professionals in each field to teach and inspire employees throughout the year, all according to the announcement.

“A healthier employee is a happier employee,” said Jeremy Lindsey, the company’s president. “We find that as our employees improve their physical and emotional wellbeing, they tend to find work more fulfilling and productivity increases. It’s easy to ignore the importance of a healthy lifestyle when working in an office environment. We’re committed to doing as much as we can as an employer to provide a healthy work environment which translates into happier employees at work and home.”

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