LITTLETON, Colo. — GPS solutions provider PassTime has partnered with masterQueue, a web-based SaaS platform designed to automate the skip tracing and debt collections process to efficiently locate and contact customers financial institutions have lost touch with.

The partnership will facilitate integrated solutions that combine the automation of the skip tracing and debt collections processes that masterQueue excels at, with “leading-edge” GPS solutions from PassTime, saving mutual customers time while simplifying the user experience, executives said.

“PassTime has built its business on bringing innovative solutions to our customers. masterQueue has developed groundbreaking software for the industry which makes them an ideal partner for us, and we’re eager to add their efficiency, regulatory, and data privacy tracking tools to our customers’ toolboxes,” said PassTime President and CEO Chris Macheca.

“The opportunity to partner with the original, and still leading-edge GPS solutions provider is so exciting. We’re confident we can help their clients through integrated technology, while at the same time exposing our clients to the power of GPS solutions where there is a need and desire to utilize this technology,” added John Lewis, founder and CEO of masterQueue. “Given the rapidly changing landscape of the auto finance industry, with ridesharing and other changes coming to the forefront, the timing of this partnership is ideal for everyone.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom

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