Dealerware’s connected car platform will be available to help all 3,000+ Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the U.S. recover costs and deliver exceptional customer experiences. - IMAGE:

Dealerware’s connected car platform will be available to help all 3,000+ Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the U.S. recover costs and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Dealerware, a connected car platform for automotive retailers, has been selected as a preferred vendor to Ford and Lincoln through a competitive bidding process. Dealerware will provide their fleet management platform and connected car services to Ford and Lincoln dealerships who want to modernize courtesy and rental fleet programs, reduce fleet costs, and elevate customer experiences.

Dealerware’s modern platform and focus on customer service were two critical factors in Ford Motor Company’s decision to include them in their reimagined courtesy vehicle program. The platform’s proven success in helping dealerships deliver exceptional customer experiences, while saving money will arm the Ford and Lincoln dealer networks with the tools they need to continue to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

Dealership service departments contribute heavily to dealerships’ overall profitability and customer purchase loyalty. Dealerware helps increase the impact of fixed operations by:

  • Recovering costs from fleet programs with single button billing and automated toll management, while providing the transparency, speed, and accuracy that improves CSI
  • Reducing contracting time by up to 90%, saving significant employee hours each month, and preventing customers from waiting in long lines or dealing with multiple staff hand-offs.
  • Enabling service from anywhere via contactless mobile contracting tools
  • Streamlining pickup and delivery services with native in-app capabilities and an exclusive integration with RedCap for out-of-store experiences

“Dealerware can help Ford and Lincoln dealerships adapt to evolving consumer demands nationwide,” said Dealerware CEO Matt Carpenter. “We are eager for the opportunity to help transform the dealership experience with retail partners, whether they are looking for a better software solution than they have now, or are exploring the impact of fleet management software for the first time.”

Dealerware’s automated cost recovery tools work in tandem with the platform’s mobile contracting component to set customer expectations before a loaner or rental contract begins, so that dealerships can recover fuel and toll costs with confidence that customers will remain satisfied by the loaner or rental experience. This approach to cost savings is why independent research from J.D. Power shows that dealerships using Dealerware enjoy a 27-point lift in customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores, in addition to the $70 monthly cost savings for each vehicle in the fleet.

Since its launch in 2016, Dealerware’s attractive offering for dealerships quickly gained support among major OEMs and dealer groups. Dealerware is the preferred fleet management provider to Audi and Jaguar Land Rover in the U.S. and Canada. Toyota and Lexus selected Dealerware as a preferred vendor for their U.S. dealerships in 2020.

Dealerware’s rapid growth and success with automotive retailers has been driven in part by a strong partner ecosystem with best-in-breed providers like CDK Global, PDP Group, Arrowhead, Sedgwick, Reynolds & Reynolds, RedCap, myKaarma, Guidepoint, and MDL autoMation.

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