Responds to client feedback for more detailed vehicle information. - IMAGE: Manheim

Responds to client feedback for more detailed vehicle information.

IMAGE: Manheim

ATLANTA – In response to client feedback, Manheim is introducing an enhanced vehicle inspection solution thatprovides even greater levels of detail for Manheim Express vehicles. These improvements come at a time when sales through the Manheim Express digital buying and selling app are skyrocketing, increasing by nearly 230% from 2020 to 2021.

“The key to making digital buying as good as—or even better than—buying in person is to give clients deep insights about the vehicles they’re considering,” said Connie Suozzo, associate vice president, Manheim Digital. “By bringing a more comprehensiveand efficient inspection to Manheim Express’ industry-leading condition tools, we’re giving clients a new level of detail to inform their listing and buying decisions.”

The new inspection solution provides a more robust and efficient process for clients to assess a vehicle’s exact condition and makeeven better listing and buying decisions. It builds on the already industry-leading condition information produced by the ManheimExpress app, such as immersive, 360-degree images; movable images to see depth of damage; audio and video tags to assess enginenoise; interior 360s and more.

The new inspection features are detailed below:

  • Filtering enables inspection questions to be generated based on key vehicle description information, making thecondition report more relevant to the specific vehicle for buyers and sellers.
  • Multi-select allows more than one answer to a given question, making the condition report crystal clear by defining all issues for a given area together. For example, inspectors can now note that a hood has both a dent and prior substandardrepair, rather than just a damaged hood.
  • Free-form text enables inspectors to provide additional context to items uncovered during the inspection, helping clients morefully understand the vehicle’s condition.
  • Numeric entry allows a quantity to be selected for some items, enabling clients to better understand the magnitude of thedamage, such as the number of dents on a door.
  • Nested questions generate specific questions based on answers to previous questions, driving efficiencies in theinspection and the resulting condition report.

These enhancements enrich the user experience for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can have greater confidence in their digital purchases by gaining a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s condition before buying. Sellers get greater vehicle marketability, an expanded buyer audience resulting from the improved condition information and benefit from increased efficiencies, as the new process helps reduce the time and effort needed to complete an inspection.

Additionally, the enhanced information will display in a familiar user interface format, meaning no major learning curve. Dealers willsimply notice the additional level of detail and vehicle-specific questions within a Manheim Express condition report.

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