Manheim Express was a top choice for dealers, evidenced by triple-digit growth. - IMAGE: Manheim

Manheim Express was a top choice for dealers, evidenced by triple-digit growth.

IMAGE: Manheim

ATLANTA – During 2021, dealer usage of Manheim’s offsite wholesale channels skyrocketed, with Manheim Express alone experiencing triple digit growth year-over-year. This trend of dealers increasingly wholesaling from their lots is one of the biggest changes to come out of the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Manheim Express is the fastest growing way for dealers to wholesale—and it’seasy to see why. Manheim Express is the quickest and easiest way to get vehicles into the broader Manheim Marketplace, wheredealer lots and lanes meet.

Around half of offsite sellers say that selling from the lot is more important now to how they do business (more than any otherchannel). The same number—around half—predict that all wholesale sales from dealers will come from the dealership lot in thefuture. Those dealers said some of the top benefits of offsite selling are that it is easy, saves time, and gives them the ability to retail the vehicle while it is listed in wholesale, helping them sell their vehicles faster.

“COVID significantly changed the wholesale industry, speeding up digital wholesale adoption by highlighting just how effective it canbe,” said Connie Suozzo, vice president, Manheim Digital. “Manheim’s offsite channels bring with them a whole new level of efficiencies, and we have been investing heavily in our offsite experience— particularly Manheim Express—to help dealers buy and sell inventory from anywhere.”

In total, Manheim offsite volumes have increased 123% year-over-year, with much of that growth being driven by Manheim Express, which increased over 200% in the same timeframe. To support this growth, Manheim more than doubled the size of the Manheim Express Concierge team, and the company continues to invest in this area. Over 15,000 unique dealers have listed with Manheim Express in 2021 alone.

One of those dealers, Artur Tovmasian, owner of Future Auto Sales, had this to say about his experience selling on Manheim Express: "We take in a lot of trades from our customers, and instead of transporting the cars to the auction and adding more costs, Manheim Express enables us to save us on transportation because they come to us. The inspector does a very accurate conditionreport, and when we have sold cars that way, we haven't had a single arbitration."

Launched in 2018, Manheim Express offers industry-leading condition information, such as immersive 360-degree images, movableimages to see depth of damage, audio and video tags to assess engine noise and undercarriage, interior imaging and more. Dealers can choose to capture the vehicle themselves using the app or have the imaging and condition report created by a trainedManheim Express Concierge specialist. In 2021, the Manheim Express condition capture process and resulting condition report were significantly enhanced, providing a more robust and efficient process for clients to assess a vehicle’s exact condition and make even better listing and buying decisions.

To further support digital buyer confidence, Manheim implemented a number of guarantees and policy changes, including its Digital Buyer Protection program, the Manheim Express Inspection Guarantee, as well as continuing to provide complimentary DealShieldprotection on all qualifying offsite units. Manheim Express also offers the ability to list vehicles during live, auctioneer-led Simulcast sales—an industry first for offsite wholesaling.

In celebration of the great success clients have had with Manheim Express this year, the team took the Manheim Express wrapped Dodge Viper on the road to several dealerships in Southern California to show appreciation to some of the loyal dealers; Concierge team members also listed inventory for sale, with plans to donate all sale fee proceeds to charities. This “Viper Voyage of Appreciation” and fundraising tour will continue into 2022 across the U.S.

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