Latest update gives dealers a new opportunity to communicate with customers and build relationships. - IMAGE: Automotive Mastermind

Latest update gives dealers a new opportunity to communicate with customers and build relationships.

IMAGE: Automotive Mastermind

automotiveMastermind (aM), part of S&P Global Mobility and a provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for dealerships, has launched a product update that enables dealers to view open recall data, empowering them to reach out to high-value customers in their portfolios with open recalls to schedule repair appointments.

The recall information will be displayed in Mastermind, aM’s flagship automated sales and marketing platform, continuing to offer a centralized location for all the data aM offers. A customer who is part of a dealer’s portfolio and has an open recall will be marked with an “R” in their profile line.

“This update further enables dealers to provide value to their customers, becoming trusted vehicle advisors and showing customers their safety and vehicle’s value is top of mind,” said automotiveMastermind Vice President of Product, Aaron Baldwin. “Vehicle inventories remain low, so helping dealers enhance opportunities to communicate properly to their customers remains our top priority. Adding recall data to Mastermind creates an additional opportunity for dealers to drive customer loyalty, vehicle acquisition and sales opportunities.”

Through the recall data update, Mastermind users can view the recall title, description and remedy within the platform, as well as talking points for salespeople highlighting safety risks, enabling dealers to maintain an honest dialogue regarding recalls.

Generic dealer messaging often gets lost in the noise. aM’s recall data offers dealers another opportunity to further differentiate themselves and create personalized messaging to their customers in today’s hypercompetitive market. The data also opens the door to discussions with individual customers and gives them more compelling reasons to engage with their dealer, increasing retention.

aM’s latest update builds on its recent service-to-sales initiatives, which work to bring customers to dealerships through the service drive, activate service-to-sales opportunities and maintain customer loyalty. The recall data will offer another opportunity to message customers and bring them into the dealership to remedy important safety recalls. Along with Mastermind’s ever expanding real-time service arrival notifications, dealers can ensure a salesperson meets customers when they arrive in the service drive to strengthen relationships and discuss purchasing options.

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