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Auto manufacturers cut over 100,000 vehicles from North American production schedules because of the global microchip shortage last week, according to estimates from AutoForecast Solutions (AFS).

Japan is the only other country that lost production last week, losing 7,300 vehicles.

Sam Fiorani, AFS vice president of global vehicle forecasting, said: “Along with much of the industry ... Toyota and Stellantis are still looking for ways to handle this crisis. Stellantis continues to show its losses in the past and has not properly anticipated how it will be affected going forward; but more losses will be reported in the second half of 2022. Toyota has acknowledged its issues and removed a considerable portion of its production volume in July, with more expected to follow.”

Even with the production losses, it appears the situation stands ready to improve. Bosch has announced plans to invest over $3 billion in semiconductor production and other chipmaking activities.

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