Partners plan to develop data-driven mobility services including connected services for OEMs and after-sales service providers. - IMAGE: CerebrumX

Partners plan to develop data-driven mobility services including connected services for OEMs and after-sales service providers.

IMAGE: CerebrumX

Pioneer Corporation, provider of mobility products, invested in and formed a business alliance with CerebrumX Labs Inc., an artificial intelligence-driven automotive data-management company, to accelerate growth of its mobility services business. 

Pioneer and CerebrumX also entered a strategic partnership to develop data-driven mobility services, including connected services for OEMs and after-sales service providers, such as insurance, fleet management, and maintenance. Pioneer brings to the partnership mobility services and connected after-market products, such as telematics adapters, AI-enabled dashcams and safety systems that can be retrofitted to existing unconnected vehicles, all powered by Piomatix, a mobility AI platform aimed at creating the future of mobility experiences. CerebrumX brings its Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP), that can take raw connected vehicle data, unify, clean and enrich it before applying algorithms to generate advanced analytics and actionable domain-specific insights for various enterprises.

CerebrumX works with automotive OEMs to operate a platform that collects, integrates and analyzes real data from more than 15 million vehicles (70% of all connected vehicles in the North American market) and provides innovative services for third-party partners in insurance, fleet management and more.

Pioneer and CerebrumX will expand their collaborative business globally, starting with North America and Japan, and aim to provide a one-stop connected service platform that supports both connected vehicles and existing unconnected vehicles retrofitted with Pioneer-connected after-market products. With CerebrumX's ADLP, a single platform to tap both connected and nonconnected vehicles, the joint solution will help fleet operators with real-time monitoring to optimize Total Cost of Ownership; help auto insurers to develop personalized insurance plans based on the driver's behavior; promote green mobility with long range EVs; and create effective solutions for vehicle downtime and maintenance.

Over the years, Pioneer has accumulated and analyzed a wealth of mobility data and provided cloud services for resolving traffic congestion and reducing traffic accidents to the auto insurance and fleet-management industries. The utilization of mobility data has the potential for great innovation in all aspects, from individually optimized insurance, remote maintenance, EV routing and charging management, to new in-vehicle apps and improved user experience.

Through the partnership, Pioneer will expand its solution services business by creating mobility experiences and services with a wide range of partners, including new connected services for OEMs, new insurance and warranties from insurance companies, and EV fleet management and energy management, for which demand is growing.

"We are excited to invest and partner with CerebrumX. We strongly believe that connected AI automotive services will drive new mobility experiences of the future. Pioneer will play an active role in enabling this future globally together with the CerebrumX team," said Shiro Yahara, president and CEO of Pioneer Corp.

"We are thrilled to have the support from Pioneer as we move forward with our product to introduce a single platform for both connected and non-connected vehicles," said CerebrumX CEO Sandip Ranjhan. "The strategic partnership will enable us to tap into new markets and unlock greater growth opportunities. This milestone also marks our entry into the global market and a significant step forward for CerebrumX."

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