Vehicle data and listings provider CARFAX estimates that nearly five million Hyundai and Kia owners whose models are vulnerable to theft still haven’t gotten antitheft equipment being offered by the carmakers.

The vehicle data provider said it’s teamed with the two South Korean brands to educate the owners about the availability of a software upgrade and steering wheel locks. It will include information about the free offerings on its vehicle history reports.

Kia and Hyundai models 2011 to 2022 have been prone to theft due to lacking standard antitheft technology, and a rash of thefts of the vehicles has put the carmakers on the hot seat with accusations of failing to address a public-safety issue. They settled with a class of about 9 million vehicle owners between them in May over the thefts.

Via CARFAX vehicle history reports, shoppers looking for used Hyundais or Kias will be able to learn whether a particular vehicle has had the antitheft software upgrade the carmakers offered.

DIG DEEPER: Hyundai, Kia Settle Over Vehicle Thefts


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