The issue appears to mainly affect the 2022 F-150 truck. - IMAGE: Pixabay

The issue appears to mainly affect the 2022 F-150 truck.

IMAGE: Pixabay

Ford F-150 owners have complained of an audio system issue that involves the speakers suddenly emitting a loud, crashing sound that can frighten and disturb their driving.

The Wall Street Journal reports that F-150 owners are discussing the strange noise, referred to by some as "sonic boom" or "ear-piercing static,” in online forums. In some cases, drivers were immediately able to turn it off. Others say the sound persisted for over 15 minutes, even after the car was turned off.

Ford customers filed complaints with regulators about distracting noise, which they reported caused them to stop driving or feel unsafe on the road. Several drivers who complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the static noise was so sudden and extreme that it posed a safety risk and worreid it could damage hearing.

Ford has identified the audio issue as being caused by the amplifier in the sound system and released a technical service bulletin to dealers to address it, the Wall Street Journal reported. The service bulletin covers a range of vehicles, including the Expedition SUVs, F-150 pickups and 2022 F-150 Lightning electric trucks.

The fix identified in the bulletin involves a downloadable update that uses the amplifier as a filter to prevent the loud speaker noise, the article noted. Consumers can ask their dealership to fix the issue or download the update themselves, the article noted.

A Ford spokeswoman declined to provide any information about the number of vehicles affected, according to the article. Over 100 complaints have been received by the automaker about the issue, which appears to mainly affect the 2022 F-150 truck, she said.


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