Offering scans a dealer’s inventory and leverages insights from Cox Automotive to feature vehicles' highlights. - IMAGE: vAuto

Offering scans a dealer’s inventory and leverages insights from Cox Automotive to feature vehicles' highlights.

IMAGE: vAuto

In order to capture the hearts, minds and wallets of online shoppers, dealers should create highly detailed and engaging vehicle listings—a previously monumental task, until now. VAuto has introduced Vehicle Intelligence 360, an artificial-intelligence-powered merchandising solution that automatically creates interactive vehicle detail pages that enable shoppers to discover the unique value of each used vehicle without dealers having to lift a finger.

“Vehicle Intelligence 360 is a great example of how vAuto is yet again using technology to do the heavy lifting for dealers—creating connections that not only make their operations more efficient, but most importantly, help them maximize returns on every vehicle,” said Derek Hansen, vice president of Operations, Inventory Management Solutions, at Cox Automotive. “Dealers now have an effortless way to stand out against the competition, win more online shopping decisions and ultimately increase their profitability.”

Vehicle Intelligence 360 enables dealers to generate a superior VDP experience without having to change their current processes. The solution automatically creates a comprehensive story of each vehicle, highlighting the features shoppers value the most—as well as the most important vehicle condition information—making it easy for consumers to discover what makes a vehicle worth its asking price. In addition to giving dealers an “easy button” to better merchandising, Vehicle Intelligence 360 also minimizes shoppers’ frustrations in the process by serving up the information they need, right at their fingertips, in a more easily digestible format.

How It Works

Vehicle Intelligence 360 scans a dealer’s inventory and leverages insights from Cox Automotive, including vAuto, Kelley Blue Book, and Xtime, to create a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s highlights. The solution then layers the information with an interactive 360-degree spin using captured spins or eight or more photos, ultimately creating an interactive shopping experience full of rich vehicle content. The experience is then automatically published to the dealer’s website, as well as on Autotrader and, helping dealers reach the most car shoppers possible.

Below are a few key features of the new listings:

  • Integrations with Xtime and vAuto make it easy to automatically identify and promote high-value reconditioning items like new tires and brakes that consumers are willing to pay more for.1
  • Automatically generated story cards featuring expert content from Kelley Blue Book enable buyers to understand all the features, functions and value of the car—without having to click away from the listing.
  • Mobile-first experience ensures that dealers can reach and engage car shoppers where they most frequently shop for vehicles.
  • Multimedia like 360-degree spins, photos and videos help shoppers discover vehicles however they want.

Dealers interested in learning more about Vehicle Intelligence 360 are invited to visit the vAuto booth 1527W at the 2024 NADA Show. Otherwise, they can reach out to their vAuto representative or visit


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