Drivers only pay for the miles they drive, plus a low monthly base rate. - IMAGE: Getty Images

Drivers only pay for the miles they drive, plus a low monthly base rate.

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VIU By Hub, an omnichannel insurance brokerage platform, has partnered with Mile Auto, a pay-per-mile auto insurance company to enable customers to access affordable car insurance based on how much they drive. The partnership also enables Mile Auto to leverage VIU as a digital omnichannel platform to improve customer acquisition costs and grow its customer base.

“VIU continues to deliver on its promise to provide differentiated, personalized and innovative solutions to our customers and partners while Mile Auto gains the opportunity to improve its customer experience and scale its business,” said Bryan Davis, EVP and Head of VIU. “This partnership is a win-win for all parties involved.”

Mile Auto uses computer vision and decision analytics to support pay-per-mile auto insurance options. With the coverage, drivers pay only for the miles they drive, plus a low monthly base rate. Precision-driven premiums can lead to financial savings for those who drive fewer than 10,000 miles a year, such as college students, retirees and remote workers.

“As insurance premiums continue to rise across the U.S. and driving patterns evolve, it’s critical customers have access to options that are personalized to fit their needs,” said Mile Auto CEO Fred Blumer. “We are excited to leverage VIU’s success as an omnichannel distributor to not only maximize the number of drivers who can benefit from our tech-driven solution but deliver a stellar customer experience with honest and expert advice.”

VIU provides customers with the ability to shop for and compare personal insurance coverage options from a variety of carriers. Customers can also purchase policies and receive ongoing advice from a team of experts. In addition to homeowners and condo insurance, VIU offers quoting alongside personalized coverage and advice for auto, renters, landlord, pet and life.

VIU is tool that can be leveraged by underwriters to enable a disciplined approach to scale, acquisition and service. The platform can also be integrated into the systems of partners involved in the consumer purchase journey, such as real estate and property management companies, and is available to consumers by phone, online and via a mobile app. 

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