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The VIP Treatment

Facing OEM-mandated facility upgrades, Hoffman Audi took the opportunity to give its service drive a makeover that is winning praise from customers.


From Products To Finance

Two years ago Douglas Duncan started Global Lending Services, a company that is now on the path to becoming a national player in that segment.


Going Toe-To-Toe With Google

If your business depends upon online search results, any changes to Google’s algorithm can have a profound effect. Web marketing expert offers six steps for responding to an unexpected change.


CRM Goes Beyond Technology

It takes more than technical know-how to maximize your CRM tool. The experts agree that process, accountability and personal leadership are the keys to success.


The Invisible Customer

Your CRM contains a goldmine of sold customers, however industry pros explains why these leads often go missing.


Describing F&I's Role

The magazine’s legal eagle dusts off his soapbox to deliver a warning he’s delivered countless times before. But this time, there’s more at stake than the threat of consumer lawsuits.


Target Your Customers

New online marketing tools allow dealers to reach car buyers with targeted campaigns that show up on their favorite websites.

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