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Facebook Ups the Ante

The editor says he’d push the “Like” button on a new feature Facebook is testing. In fact, he believes it could change the face of social media marketing.


Removing The Roadblocks

Why do marketers keep talking about the future of auto retailing when there are old issues that have yet to be resolved?


Volume Vs. Gross

The magazine’s resident accounting expert lays out the key considerations for those who wish to become volume-unit dealers.


The Google Effect

Google has definitely become a key sales tool for the people manning the front end, but it hasn’t been too kind to the F&I office.


Process Breakdown

Setting up a process to handle subprime customers takes a serious commitment starts with the dealer and extends all the way through the store.


All Show, No Go

The magazine’s legal eagle uses another dealer-targeted lawsuit to encourage dealerships to ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to their privacy policies.


6 Reasons for a Parts Inspection

Inspecting your parts department will tell you where your inventory — and your money — is going. The magazine’s resident accounting expert shows you what to look for.

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