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Recycled Class Action Theories

Dealers in Oregon are facing a class-action lawsuit that describes dealer participation as a kickback scheme.

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Vicarious Liability

When is a dealership liable for its customer’s negligence?

Defeating Class Actions the Old-Fashioned Way

If the CFPB has its way, pre-dispute arbitration agreements will no longer protect dealers from class-action lawsuits.

Carfax Lawsuit Now Lists More Than 700 Plaintiffs

An antitrust lawsuit against Carfax has garnered 700 plaintiffs, up from just 124 when the suit was originally filed in May last year.

Write Your Legislator

A California case illustrates the value of the “cure” statutes that protect dealers in some states.

Spotting a Fake Online Review

Lawsuits filed by Edmunds and Yelp against firms posting fake reviews serve as another reminder of the high-priced battle review sites are waging to maintain their influence on consumers.

Putting Up A Fight

The industry continues to emerge from the Great Recession, but dealer-protection bills approved in New Hampshire and Colorado prove that not everything is getting back to normal.

Ohio Attorney General Sues Used-Car Dealers

Boasko's Rt 4 Automall LLC and Buyers Choice Cars are facing lawsuits filed by Ohio Attorney General for failing to transfer titles.

Describing F&I's Role

The magazine’s legal eagle dusts off his soapbox to deliver a warning he’s delivered countless times before. But this time, there’s more at stake than the threat of consumer lawsuits.


The FTC's actions against a Georgia dealership offer several lessons for dealers who utilize P2P networks.