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Offer Consumers Peace Of Mind And Take Advantage Of eBay Motor's Services

Comfort with vehicle transactions is key, whether you are selling a car from your showroom floor or online. Distrust can sideline even the most passionate buyer. Even if they have found exactly the car, motorcycle or RV they’ve been seeking, buyers are not likely to complete the transaction if a level of trust has not been established.

While skepticism may deter potential buyers from some Web sites that offer only brief descriptions and photos, dealers using eBay Motors can overcome any potential consumer hesitation by quickly and easily building buyers’ confidence in their purchases through a number of additional services available on the site.

Dealers can make their listings stand out if they promote and utilize the features offered by eBay Motors. A dealer who understands these services and promotes their use can more easily sway buyers to commit to a vehicle purchase. The following are some tips about these services as well as other interesting facts about eBay Motors.
People feel so secure in shopping on eBay Motors that 75 percent of the vehicles sold on the site are interstate transactions, in which vehicles are delivered to buyers outside the state where the seller is situated.

The reasons for such a high level of consumer comfort revolve around the protections offered for purchases on eBay Motors. These services provide several layers of assurance that eliminate any major barriers to buying online – before, during and after the shopping experience. By promoting the availability of these protections, you can attract and build loyal, confident customers who treat online purchases with the same degree of assurance they would when buying in person.

Free protection for purchasers

eBay Motors offers three primary protection programs, at no charge, to reassure buyers of the vehicle’s delivery and condition.

eBay Motors provides free Vehicle Purchase Protection to ensure that the vehicle the buyer receives has not been materially misrepresented. For eligible transactions completed on eBay Motors, vehicles are covered for up to $20,000.

Buyers of passenger vehicles, boats, buses, trucks, RVs and campers are protected from misrepresentation at no cost, for example, if they receive a stolen vehicle or a vehicle with an undisclosed lien against it. A deductible of $100 to $500 applies to claims for various types of vehicles.

Additionally, dealers can offer a Condition Guarantee by Seller. This service gives buyers extra confidence that the vehicle’s condition has been described accurately in its listing and provides protection if the actual condition differs significantly.

Dealers can build even greater confidence among eBay Motors buyers through a third service, the Short-Term Service Agreement, protecting a used car purchased on the site against powertrain failure for 30 days or 1,000 miles. This free service, carried out by the Aon Warranty Group, offers free parts and labor for failure of major mechanical powertrain components.

In-depth services heighten confidence in vehicles

With additional fee-based services, dealers can enable buyers on eBay Motors to examine the vehicles they are considering in great detail.

Vehicle history reports from Experian’s Auto Check provides a complete background of any vehicle. The eBay Motors shopper merely clicks the VIN on the vehicle description page and can access a detailed report showing if the vehicle has been stolen, salvaged, rebuilt or involved in an accident or severe weather. The report also indicates if the odometer has been rolled back and if the car was a rental or fleet vehicle. Although potential buyers may purchase an Experian report for $7.99, dealers can proactively offer the vehicle history report through Experian or leverage other vehicle history report services available as a value-added service for consumers.

With the eBay Motors vehicle inspections, dealers and buyers can arrange to have a specific automobile or motorcycle fully inspected by a company like SGS Automotive. Services such as SGS will come to the dealer’s location to examine the vehicle and issue a 150-point condition report online within 24 hours of the inspection. Inspectors also take interior and exterior photos of the vehicle. Inspections cost $99.50 for most vehicles. Dealers can arrange for the inspections to be done prior to listing in order to proactively provide third-party assurance.

Shipping concerns often present barriers to potential online vehicle buyers. On eBay Motors, shipping arrangements can be made through Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS), a service that offers competitive shipping rates throughout the United States and internationally. DAS provides door-to-door service or drop-off at any of the 100 locations nationwide. By specifically noting their shipping policies and linking to services such as DAS, dealers can not only avoid further questions on shipping but also ensure that buyers will be confident in the delivery options available to them.

Offering buyers payment options will also increase the comfort level a customer has in the transaction. Using PayPal for vehicle deposits allows dealers to receive confirmed payments immediately and offers buyers the confidence of the world’s safest online payment method. While PayPal can be used for vehicle deposits, most buyers prefer to pay the remainder of the balance through an escrow service, certified checks or the eBay Financing Center.

Peace of mind for buyers

By proactively providing the confidence-building services available on eBay Motors, dealers can gain a significant competitive advantage, instilling peace of mind in consumers as they browse their eBay Motors listings.

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